The Elena Melius Foundation was founded in 1986 in loving memory of Elena Julia Melius. The Foundation contributes donations to various charitable organizations which primarily focus on improving the health and welfare of children.

Photo of Elena Melius with her niece, Lorraine Millings

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have worked for Gary Melius for over 20 years and have witnessed the countless contribution he has made to Children & Children’s Organization through his mother’s The Elena Melius Foundation. I am proud to be part of your team.

  2. Hi Geri,
    My name is Veronica Romano. I am writing as I saw your note above and am in the process of following up with Gary for participation in the Elena Melius Foundation.
    I wrote to Gary last year and thanked him with heartfelt thanks for his generous contributions he gave me for St. Charles Hospital and the 6th Precinct Cops who Care foundations. The proceeds for those donations went for Angelas House and Hospital Services.The recipients were very grateful and excited to offer the donations at the Golf Outings. I also volunteer for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation and Gary generously donated to the Penguin Bash at Atlantis last year.
    As an employee of JPMorgan I nominated the Melius Foundation for company match donations in the JPMorgan database and with the resources from my company I plan to expand on this and pursue the opportunity for a grant to the Melius Foundation through my volunteer hours.
    I look forward to the opportunity to give back and help others and hope to be an integral part of the efforts of ALL for such wonderful causes.

    Warm Regards

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